Love Outdoors; Live Outdoors!

garden furniture

Reality can be stranger than fiction! Who would have imagined that an invisible enemy will lock us in our own homes? Our holiday plans are in disarray and working from home has taken a new leap. Home school and home dining have become the mantra for the day. The importance of homes has thus increased as one would have spent more awake time at home this year than the last 3 years combined.

Balconies have evolved into multifunctional spaces where one just not dries the clothes but connects with nature too. It could be over a cup of morning tea or evening coffee watching the sunset, sitting cozily in your garden furniture. It also becomes a corner where one can work with the least disturbance. A smartly placed swing can be used to listen to one’s favourite music or read a book.

The lucky ones who have a terrace or a garden are sprucing it up to use it for exercising or meditation as gyms are not preferred yet. A nicely decorated den on the terrace is the perfect hangout place for family and friends. In fact, Sunday brunches in the garden are one of my favorite routines I look forward to every month. Gardens with pergolas or gazebos, accentuated with the right kind of garden furniture, seem to take one to a different era where one can forget the chatter and noise. Many people have developed gardening as a hobby too.

This outdoor time is the perfect break we all need from the clutches of technology. We need to plan more activities in the sun and fresh air as that’s the vital ingredient for a healthy body. Let’s develop our outdoors so that we feel like spending more time there. Designer Landscapes can help you in doing that. To understand your need, tastes, and budget and carve out a unique solution for you.