Feb 10, 2021

Need for space has been the biggest trend coming into 2021. With the influx of space, you also require solutions to your landscaping needs, for beautification and efficiency. A corner in the balcony, swing in the backyard, a small garden on the terrace to spend some me time away from technology, all of this comes under the broad cloud of landscape designing.

Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with articles on how to makeover these spaces. With over a decade of understanding, executing thousands of sites, and being listed with ‘The Top 10 Emerging Landscape Solution Providers’, we at Designer Group can assist you in making your dream outdoor space.

The following is a list of ways how choosing Designer Landscapes is perfect for beautifying your outdoors:

Plenty of Options

In the early days, options for decorating your outdoors were limited and one had to settle with whatever little was available. As time passed, and people started accepting products for re-inventing their outdoor spaces, different styles emerged. At Designer Landscapes we spoil you with choices for your outdoor spaces. There are more than 75  furniture sets on display out of the staggering 300+ designs we carry.

Quality First Mindset

Quality is always a big concern as ultra-violet rays, rainwater, dust and termites are a big threat to any outdoor structure. Dealing with finest brands that Designer Group represents, assures you peace of mind and after sales service. Our quality products, and efficient after sales support staff are some of the many reasons behind our huge popularity.

You Get What You See

All of our stores are in located in the outdoors. With our products on display, experiencing dust and pollution, it gives you an idea on how the products you choose will look after 3-5 years. These products act as a real life mock-up of naturally caused wear and tear of the products.

Affordable 360° Supply and Service

Designer Group provides all-round solutions for your landscaping needs. Our perfect designs, seamless supply, and efficient after sales services have proven to be very helpful for our clients. To keep up with the rising demands, we provide these at affordable prices.

These are just some of the many ways how choosing Designer Group  to meet your landscaping needs can be helpful. With an array of outdoor decorating products to choose from and an impeccable supply and service, we at Designer landscapes promise to meet all your needs, and fulfil all you dreams when it comes to decorating your terraces, balconies, gardens, and backyards.